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How do I choose the right slicer model for my needs?

The most important criteria for choosing the right slicer model are the products you need to slice and the slicing volume (medium/high). On our homepage, we have set up a slicing machine configurator, where you can easily choose your criteria and we recommend you the most suitable slicer model for your needs.

How long does a Scharfen Slicer last?

This depends on the model and your slicing volume/frequency. Our slicers are made of stainless steel and most models (especially the manual slicers) are built to last for generations. Our fully automatic machines usually encounter heavy usage and thus might need a replacement part every once in a while. Overall, our machines have the industry reputation of being the most robust slicers worldwide.

Do Scharfen Slicers also cut vegetables?

Of course, our semi-automatic and manual slicers also slice salad, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc., especially the G330 (Gravity) model. Our TC 11 food cutter with its 11-litre bowl is the perfect machine for cutting larger portions of vegetables/salads very quickly.

What about meat substitutes?

Meat substitutes are sliced just as fine as regular cold cuts.

Can I order the machines online?

Some of our machines are also sold online. Delivery time is usually 2-4 weeks for up to 5 machines and a bit longer for a larger quantity.

How do I choose the right knife size?

We offer machines with knife sizes of 300/330/350 mm. In general: the larger the knife the higher the slicing speed and the straighter the slice.

Do you offer different power connections?

We offer both single-phase (220V, 110V) and 3-phase power configuration for our machines.

How long is the warranty for Scharfen slicers?

Our machines carry a one-year warranty except for wear parts and electric parts. The warranty starts with the date of purchase and, provided the unit is used properly in accordance with our manuals and instructions, is in full effect for one year from that date. All warranty work must be performed by Scharfen or an authorized Scharfen service partner.


How do I clean my Scharfen Slicer?

Please follow the cleaning instructions in your manual. Use water, commercially available cleaning agents, disinfectants for cutting machines, but no high-pressure cleaner. All stainless steel parts can be put into the dishwasher. Be careful not to cut yourself!

What kind of cleanser should I use?

You should use a regular cleaning solution with a PH level of 5-7. Minimum water temperature should be 45 degrees Celsius. Mix the cleaning agent according to the manufacturer’s label instructions. To fulfill the HACCP demands use all liquids according to the manufacturer’s instruction. Never forget to wipe off the sanitation liquids. They could destroy parts of the machine (like ball bearings) if they stay on the machine overnight. As these liquids are toxic they have to take off the machine according to the manufacturer’s instruction before putting new products on the machine.

What parts can be put into the dish washer?

Basically, all stainless steel parts are dishwasher-proof.

What do I do if the machine stops working?

First check your manual for trouble shooting. If that does not help, contact your local dealer. If you received the machine directly from Scharfen, please contact us at service@scharfen.com, attach a photo or video describing the problem, and we get right back to you with a solution.

What about spare parts?

We carry all spare parts for current models and keep spare parts for a minimum of 10 years for models no longer in production. Usually, we also keep old spare parts more than 25 years since our machines enjoy a long lifetime. For spare parts, contact your local dealer or Scharfen directly at service@scharfen.com

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