VA 4000 AT

Major league power slicing on small space


  • Fully automatic slicing and stacking
  • Large capacity on small space
  • User friendly display with various stacking options
  • Maintenance-free transmission drive
  • Precise slicing through separate gear motor for blade rotation
  • Removable conveyor belt for maximum output processing
  • Ideal productivity driver for high-volume fresh food departments
  • 1-year warranty
Overall Dimension (l x w x h)1270 x 853 x 1330 mm
Counter Space Required (l x w)735 x 645 mm
Conveyor Belt (l x w)880 x 280 mm
Carriage (l x w)275 x 360 mm
Blade330 mm diameter, hollow ground,
stainless hard chromed, stay sharp quality
Slice Thickness0-10mm (invinitely variable)
Capacityinfinitely variable from 24-55 strokes/minute
Cutting Length255mm
Cutting Height195mm
Sound Level<70 dB (A)
Sharpening Deviceremovable
Weightca. 130 kg
Voltage3-phase or 1-phase, voltage and cycles as required
Power Requirement0,6 kW
99 Slicing ProgramsStacking, shingling vertical, shingling horizontal, circle
shingling. All individual programs’ parameters (article,
speed, thickness, stacking, shingling, etc.) can be saved.
HygieneAll materials in contact with slicing products are 100%
stainless steel, easy to clean compenents, dishwasher-
proofed chain frame.

Customization Options

VA 4000 AT Teflon

Ideal for slicing cheese and fresh meat. Ideal for slicing cheese and fresh meat. Carriage, thickness plate, blade guard and blade are tefloned.

Easy and precise slicing, no smearing or sticking. Quick and easy to clean with dry cloth.

Large Carriage

With additional counter and infinitely Ideal for slicing large products.
(l x w): 275 x 530mm.
Customization on demand.

Special End-piece Holder

Zero waste device. Guarantees 100% slicing output of the product.

Interleaver (VA 4000 AT P)

Connection to automatic interleaver and/or wrapping machines. Further information upon request.

Without Conveyor Belt

Please see VA 4000